6 Questions to Consider Before Buying A Laptop

open laptop to buyAre you trying to find the right laptop to buy this holiday season? Are you being bombarded with crazy cyber ads offering you the best affordable laptop on the market? With the holiday rapidly approaching, consumers are searching for laptop buying guides and the best places to buy a laptop. In case you’re not certain on where to start, consider some of the essentials that numerous consumers tend to use when looking for a PC to purchase. The number one factor that consumers tend to look at first, is cost, but is cheap always the best way to go or is it all in the name? Hopefully these tips will guide you to buying the best affordable laptop.

Question #1: What will I use the laptop for?

  • Entertainment or Personal– If you will be using your laptop for entertainment purposes such as; browsing social media, streaming movies, playing games or if you are a student who will travel back and forth to class with their device then a smaller, lighter weight laptop may be the way to go. The HP Stream Laptop PC 11-y010nr was designed with portability in mind which would be perfect for someone who is looking to travel with their device! The Microsoft Surface Book is another laptop that continues to stand out to consumers who are looking for a laptop with entertainment in mind. Its 13.5 inch screen rotates 180 degrees and can easily be attached to an integrated keyboard or used with the Surface Pen that is included for excessive note taking.
  • Graphic Design– If you are looking for a laptop that will hold all of your large design programs then you will want to look for a laptop with a lot of RAM. This is important for professionals who specialize in graphic design or hardcore gamers. As a graphic designer, you will want a larger screen size with a diagonal measurement of at least 15 inches or higher. The Apple MacBook Pro is one of the most highly rated laptops for a graphic designer. The new MacBook  has 16 GB of RAM which is what graphic designers need to run their elaborate programs. Although the MacBook is a bit pricey, you are obtaining longer lasting value with the Apple brand.
  • Business –  If you are hard working business man who will use the device in an office with little mobility of the device, then a Dell would be a good route for you. Dell offers many durable laptops that are secure and capable of lasting through a long work day. The Dell Precision 15 5000 series is a high quality device that is known for its fast performance and durability.

Question #2: How do I know which laptop specification is best for my use?

Once you have figured out which classification of laptop best fits your needs, it’s time to review the specifications. Specifications include the functions of the laptop such as: RAM,  options for the processor, display and graphics. You don’t want to spend too much money on things that you don’t really need, that is why it is important to understand the specifications when looking to buy a laptop. For instance, if you are a hardcore gamer, you are going to want to look at about 8GB of RAM with an Intel processor. Although, if you are a graphic designer, you are going to be looking for about a minimum of 16GB of RAM with a 15 inch monitor. This is why knowing what specifications you want can help you pick the best affordable laptop.

Question #3: How much should I expect to spend?

You should be asking how much is too much to spend on a laptop! Within the past five years, consumers have spent on average about $600 on their new devices. Considering overall value is important when making your decision, many say that you don’t get what you don’t pay for and that may ring true when purchasing a laptop. Expect to spend between $800-$1,000 for a good quality, long-lasting device which contains the best top-value. If you want a laptop to store some photos, browse the web and stream movies then you would most likely be looking to spend around $600. It is important to stay away from those $300 laptops at Best Buy. They are priced that low for a reason. They might last a few months but you will end up spending more money at a computer repair shop updating and fixing your cheap laptop. What you will spend when looking to buy a laptop again depends on how you will use your laptop.

Question #4: What’s the right laptop size for my use?

When asking yourself “what size laptop would be right for me”, there are many options to choose from:

  • 11-12 inch screen– This would be considered the more portable of devices. It is typically the thinner and lighter device;  intended for a student or an individual who frequently travels.
  • 13-14 inch screen– This would portray an equal balance between portability and usability.
  • 15 inch screen– This screen can come with a device that weighs up to 6.5 pounds. This size is for a more stable use of the device with less travel.
  • 17-18 inch screen– Is strictly for a device that is not mobile. It is for the business man or hardcore gamer who sits at their desk all day.

The size of your laptop will depend on how you use the device. The most popular screen is the 15 inch as it has a big enough monitor to do many things on but doesn’t limit mobility.

Question #5: Should I buy a laptop that is the same brand or type as my other gadgets (phone, tablet, smart watch, etc)?

Now you may be wondering, how do I know which brand of laptop to purchase? Again, it all depends on how you will use it.  For a college student, Apples, Macbook Air, ranges in the top picks of students for its small size and light weight which makes portability its key feature. It is important to buy brands that you trust. For instance, if you have previously purchased an Apple Watch and you are enjoying how it works and experiencing no problems with your device, then chances are you will tend to look at Apple Laptops first because you trust the brand. Buying a brand that you are comfortable with can reassure you of the quality of the device. If you’re purchasing from a source that isn’t too known, do your homework before giving over your money.

Question #6: Where should I go to find the best laptop for me?

Finding an affordable laptop with good quality can be tricky. Many online ads promise great deals but don’t deliver. If buying online, it is important to make your purchase from a well-known source that has ratings and statistics. Buying straight from the manufacturer itself can be quite pricey but Apple and Dell sell refurbished laptops at a lower cost than buying new. Other reputable retailers such as Best Buy, offer guarantees and warranty protections. If you are purchasing from an unreliable source such as Amazon or Craigslist it is important to be careful especially if they don’t offer a warranty on the device. If you choose to buy in-store, you will be able to see your device hands-on and get a feel for what you will be purchasing.

Laptops come in many different shapes, sizes and even colors to meet the needs of each individual. Finding the right device this holiday can come with challenges. Knowing the ins and outs of these devices can feel overwhelming and leave you dazed and confused. We hope our guide will help you in buying the best affordable laptop that fits your personal needs.

If you still have questions related to buying a laptop feel free to contact Will Power PCs and ask one our certified experienced technicians to help you. We pride ourselves in providing exemplary services for all types of desktop and laptop repairs.


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