Are You Shopping For A Smartphone This Holiday?

WITH THE HOLIDAY JUST AROUND THE CORNER, billions of people are frantically searching for the perfect gift this holiday season. Why not give the ideal gift of a smartphone? Almost everyone either owns a smartphone or knows someone who does. Smartphones have become an essential piece of technology for many people around the world. They make life easier for people whether it’s used for business or pleasure. Smartphones are the basic tool that helps you stay connected on a daily basis. The main question that many shoppers have is knowing how to choose the best smartphone. Some important things to consider while investigating your new smartphone is how much to spend on a smartphone and whether or not you are looking for an Android or an iPhone. Smartphone shopping can be difficult and stressful but if you follow our simple guide you will have success in choosing the right smartphone for you.

Android Vs. iPhone

When comparing an Android smartphone to an iPhone there are significant differences which make the two phones extremely distinguishable. First off, Apple is the only company that makes iPhones where as Google offers its Android software to many different companies such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, etc. These phone companies give the Android smartphones many different sizes, features and weight which give the consumer a wide range of choices which makes the iPhone very different from any Android smartphone.

Apple offers its consumers only one choice – which model of the iPhone would you like – The iPhone 7 series, 7S series or SE? Some consumers may favor the simplicity of not having so many different choices to choose from. Apple is always updating their smartphone operating system to the latest features that are being offered which is a huge win over Android. Android makers are quite slow at updating their smartphones to the latest upgrades which makes the iPhone the valued choice if you are looking for the latest updates and features.

When deciding between an Android or an iPhone it all really comes down to which best fits in your hand. Android will ultimately give you many more devices to choose from than Apple will. Many say buying a smartphone is like purchasing a vehicle. No matter what the make or model is, they will overall bring you from point A and point B. Whether buying an Android or an iPhone, they will both let you make calls, take pictures, browse the web, etc.

Screen Size

In the world of smartphones, screen sizes have always differed. In the beginning, Apple was using 3.5 inch screens for the iPhones while Android phones were always one step ahead at 4-4.5 inch screens. Today, the average screen size for a smartphone is between 5.2-5.7 inches. Once Samsung released their Galaxy Note series, consumers were intrigued by how large the screen was for the device. It was a bigger screen for a bigger movie, larger animations for gamers and it has appealed to business professionals as a mini computer in your hands.

Say for instance you are looking to buy a tablet as well as a Smartphone, you could easily avoid having to spend the money on two devices and opt for a Smartphone with a larger screen such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. There are many different ways to get around your dilemma when shopping for a Smartphone. It all depends on what you are looking to get out of your smartphone.

Camera Quality

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has ranked number one for the best Smartphone camera in 2016. It offers extremely fast auto-focus and has the ability to let in more light for sharper, brighter pictures. Apple offers a dual rear camera in the iPhone 7 Plus which brings this Smartphone close, but not close enough to top Samsung. There are many different options out there for camera quality, it is finding the best smartphone that fits your needs.

If you are shopping for a Smartphone for the soul purpose of camera use, Google offers their new device, Pixel, as a top pick. The device is known for its photography and offers an extensive, high-dynamic range which appeals to many consumers who are researching camera quality. The Pixel is right up there with the Galaxy S7 in top smartphones for photography.

If you are looking for a smartphone camera to shoot video, then the LG V20 is highly recommended for you. The device offers some of the best manual controls as well as a 16-MP rear camera which contains built-in optical image stabilization for shake-free clips.

If you are a traveler and always on the go and you are looking for a Smartphone with a quality camera but also can withstand some bumps and bruises, then Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Active would be the way to go. The device offers the same 12-MP camera with extra durability in order to embrace unexpected impact.

Battery Life and Performance

The last thing you want is your smartphone to run out of battery at the time that you may need it the most. Many smartphones will generally last a full work day but just like any other materialistic thing, daily wear and tear will take a toll on your device’s battery. The thought of not having your communication device can be frightening and stressful which is why it is important to research the battery life before purchasing your next smartphone.

The Smartphone ranking with the longest battery life has been given to the Asus Zenphone Max ZC550KL with 38 hours of talk time. It has been designed so that the screen sends out fewer pixels which helps to conserve the battery life. This device contains a 5,000 mAh lithium-polymer battery which is what gives the device its long lasting life.

If you are looking for great battery life without having to spend a fortune, then Motorolas Moto Z Play would be a good smartphone to consider. The device’s battery life has lasted a whopping 23 hours and 3 minutes without having a charge. If you are always on the go then this device would be the perfect fit for you.

The Galaxy S7 Series is another line of smartphones that have a high ranking for long lasting battery life. Apart from being an exceptional line of smartphones, the battery life has lasted 21 hours. The Galaxy S7 Active contains the biggest battery that Samsung has ever put in a smartphone.

Cellphone battery life is affected by the frequency and type of use of the phone. Playing games, surfing the web and media playback, all cause the battery life to drop. The brightness setting and using Wi-Fi also negatively affect battery life. Many smartphones come with battery saving options which can help you save your battery life when you are on the go.

Cost to Consider

If you are looking for a decent quality smartphone in today’s society then you can generally expect to pay between $600-$700. There comes a point in time when we need to ask ourselves “for what good reason are these organizations profiting so much from its consumers?” Is it because they’re offering a smartphone with such a high markup? Well that is just absurd. Be that as it may, maybe the answer is that we simply have decided that $650 is what we’re willing to pay for the most recent and most prominent smartphone. However, there ought to be a way change that. In any case, the truth is, if these devices only cost $230 to make, then $650 as a retail cost is a bit of a price jump.

In the event that the building materials were the main cost that went into these smartphones, there may be a point there, but it most certainly is not. From a physical viewpoint there are many expenses to think about. Producing, shipping, circulation – none of these things will pay for themselves and add to that other overhead expenses – workers, advertising, office space, complimentary mugs for the representative of the month. It costs a great deal to manufacture and sell a cell phone.

By the day’s end, purchasers have three things that are going against them with regards to cell phone costs – demand, overhead, and “because we can”. “Because we can” is most likely the hardest to overcome in light of the fact that buyers vote with their wallets, and nowadays, a great deal of them are voting in favor of the $650 value point. Some organizations utilize the extra money to construct better smartphones for tomorrow and others throw the extra money into advertising their devices.

Top Smartphones of 2016

  • Galaxy S7 Edge

  • iPhone 7 Plus

  • Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL

  • Moto Z/ Z Force Droid

  • LG V20

  • OnePlus 3

  • Honor 8

  • HTC 10

  • BlackBerry DTEK60

  • ZTE AXON 7


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