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computer repair, computer serviceARE YOU TIRED OF SPENDING hundreds of dollars on fixing your PC? Many computer repair service shops charge a hefty amount to fix things that you might not have known that you can easily do yourself. Some common problems that many people run into with their PC are things such as; a frozen screen, automatic rebooting, error messages and even your PC running too slow. Being able to service these issues yourself will save you on a lot of time and money that could have been easily wasted. Will Power PCS is one of the leading computer repair shops in Albany and wants to help make your life as simple as possible by providing you with this easy do-it-yourself computer repair guide.

How To Fix A Frozen Screen

A frozen computer screen can be stressful and frustrating if you are in the midst of working on an important assignment or simply trying to stream a movie. In many instances, a PC will freeze due to an error with a particular program. Following these simple tips can help solve your problem:

  • Open Task Manager– Press and hold “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Delete” to open the Task Manager window. Under the Applications Tab you are going to want to check to see if any programs are listed as “Not Responding”. If you can locate the program that is currently not responding you will want to hit “End Task” to ultimately close down the program. If this has solved your current problem you will want to check to see if any updates are available for the program that malfunctioned so that you do not run into this error again.
  • Restart– Computer errors are commonly glitches that are a one-time deal. Often, restarting your PC can be an easy solution. If you have not been able to identify the problem through the Task Manager,  you can press and hold the power button down to manually shut off your device.
  • Run You PCs Update– Many computer devices are commonly equipped with automatic software updates. If none of the above suggestions have worked for your frozen computer screen, that may mean that you have encountered a virus or bug that is infecting your PC. You will want to run a full system scan with your anti-virus software to remove any harmful bugs/viruses that are found during the scan. The best way to get the most accurate results from the scan is by making sure that your anti-virus program is up-to-date and currently active.

If you are still experiencing multiple freeze-ups then it may be time to move on to more advanced trouble shooting. If you are still experiencing errors with your PC then do not continue to stress yourself out, let Will Power PCS get your PC up and running in financially sound and timely manner. 

How To Fix Automatic Rebooting 

If your device automatically reboots itself, it can cause you unnecessary stress and ultimately be the main cause in why you are losing important data. Here are a few simple steps to help solve this reoccurring problem:

  • Power Up Your PC– Before the Windows logo appears, repeatedly press the F8 key until the boot menu appears. You will want to select Safe Mode.
  • Safe Mode– Once your PC is running in Safe Mode, you will want to select the Start button. Then you are going to type sysdm.cpl and select sysdm.cpl.
  • Advanced Tab– After clicking on the Advanced Tab, you will select the Settings button under ‘Startup and Recovery‘. You will want to uncheck Automatically Restart. Once you have unchecked the box, hit OK and reboot. You PC will most likely crash and most likely offer a hint about what may be wrong with your PC.

If you are unable to identify and/or fix the rebooting issue it could be caused by a bad auto loader. You can also:

  • Boot up your PC into Safe Mode
  • Launch Windows’ MSConfig program
  • Select the Startup tab

Uncheck all programs that load automatically when you boot up your PC

If you can successfully boot up your PC after following the above steps, you may want to play around with rechecking some auto loaders. If you have not been able to solve the problem with your PC after following these simple steps let Will Power PCS take a look, and diagnose the problem with free of charge. We always offer 100% free diagnostics!

How To Fix A Blue Screen

One common problem that many PCs experience is the notorious blue screen. Imagine that you’re chipping away at a critical project, and all of a sudden your screen is loaded with apparently indistinguishable white content against a blue screen. There’s no other option for you yet to reboot your PC and trust that everything essential was saved to your hard drive. If you are repeatedly experiencing these blue screens then you may have a problem on your hands.

The first thing you will want to do if you are experiencing these screens is to find out as much information as you can about why they are occurring. Once you have obtained the information you can search the web to find a more in-depth definition of the problem that you are experiencing.

You will find important data immediately below the first paragraph and under the ‘Technical Information’ label towards the bottom of the blue screen. 

This information you will want to research on the web to hopefully be able to diagnose the problem that your PC is facing. Here are some additional steps that you can take to help get a better idea of what may be happening to your PC:

  • Diagnose your hard drive.
  • Update your drivers.
  • Check the health of your RAM.

If you still cannot successfully diagnose/fix the problem with the information that you obtain, Call Will Power PCS today and we will diagnose the problem for you, free of charge! 

How To Fix Error Messages

Over time all PCs undergo the common ware and tare of daily usage. This can lead to the random error messages that may pop up on your screen from time to time. Once these messages begin, you will most likely notice that your software programs are running much slower then usual. This will ultimately lead to crashes and lock-ups. These error messages not only cause you stress and wasted time but they can also cause your PC to become unusable. The first step you will want to take in correcting this problem is to run critical repairs:

  • PC Repair Power Tool– This option diagnoses and fixes common causes of errors, system failures and crashes – with the click of a button.
  1. In System Mechanic, select the Toolbox option and then click All-in-one Tools.
  2. In the Power Tools section, select PC Repair and click Start.
  3. The simple 2-screen wizard will diagnose your PC and most likely run the repairs that your PC may need.
  • Individual Tools– With Individual Tools, this option allows you to run the repairs that you specifically choose. You can run them with the settings that you want or automatically.
  1. In System Mechanic, select the Toolbox option and then click Individual Tools.
  2. Select the Repair Problems
  3. Next to the desired repair, select Start. This will allow you to choose from the following options:
  • Registry Tuner– Repair Registry Problems
  • Shortcut Repair– Repair Broken Shortcuts
  • Drive Medic– Repair Hard Drive Problems
  • System Troubleshooter– Troubleshoot System Problems

These options will allow you to choose the best repair that you feel will help eliminate the problem that you are experiencing with your PC. If these options still have not corrected your problem, Call us Today to eliminate the stress that your PC may be giving you.

Following this guide will help allow you to diagnose and hopefully fix any and all of the problems that your PC may be experiencing. On the off chance that your computer may be facing other issues or problems that are not mentioned in the guide above, contact Will Power PCS for a FREE DIAGNOSTICS and quote on computer repair services.

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22:20 11 Jan 18
If you are having computer problems this is the place to go. Had repairs done quickly and at a reasonable price. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I picked up a couple good suggestions.
17:22 03 Jan 18
I had an issue with a brand new computer. Will opened his shop on New Years Day just so I could drop it off! A few hours later I received a phone call, the problem was solved! I didn’t expect to hear back for a few days. Will is fast and efficient.
Shayla Tucker
Shayla Tucker
21:02 02 Jan 18
Excellent customer service! Quickly ordered in the screen I needed to repair my laptop, and had my laptop repaired and returned back to me within an hour of my dropping it off. Thanks so very much!
stephanie roy
stephanie roy
13:44 30 Dec 17
Will most certainly will be my computer specialist from now on. He does fast and very efficient work. My computer is now running like new. His prices are also very reasonable. I have another computer I will be him fix. Needless to say I am a very happy customer.
Dale Hanson
Dale Hanson
22:01 12 Dec 17
William was really helpful towards solving the problems I had. I have a custom desktop and he was able to diagnose my problems and find a solution that didn't require any additional parts. It only took him about 20 minutes to solve the issue too! He was polite when I made silly IT mistakes and even helped me root cause with an additional issue for no extra charge. If I have more issues I will definitely return here.
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