How To Repair Your Computer’s Motherboard

computer motherboard repair or replaceIS YOUR COMPUTER OR LAPTOP having trouble booting up? Your computer’s motherboard may be in need of repair. Without a properly functioning motherboard, a computer cannot work seeing that it is the main component of a PC. The motherboard requires fully functioning RAM, CPU, power supply unit, etc. to remain up and running.  The parts that make up a computer, like any other thing, age over time and can develop faults. Computers and laptops fail for many different reasons including issues with; overheating, hardware, internal components, etc. Most hardware and overheating issues with the motherboard are found in laptop computers which is the more popular choice for a PC in this day and age. This first thing you should do if you suspect a motherboard failure is to get a closer look. 

Check for Computer Connectivity

The majority of PC’s that won’t boot are due to loose wires or power cords that have accidentally been disconnected. It is important to check that all of your power supply components are properly connected and that they don’t have a kink or tear in them. A failure to boot could be caused by something as simple as that. A computer can boot with four main components. The components that you will want to check are;

  • One stick of RAM
  • A power supply
  • A CPU
  • A motherboard

If all of these components are in place and are working properly then you should have no issue booting up your computer. If you are still experiencing issues when attempting to boot, this could suggest that one or more of the four components may contain a fault or may be improperly connected.

Check for Physical Damage

Motherboards run on a variety of subsystems, which all parts are extremely fragile. You will want to closely examine the motherboard for any signs of physical damage that it could have endured. You can check for things like;

  • Bulging capacitors
  • Scratches on the integrated circuits of the motherboard
  • Misaligned or damaged SATA ports

Unplug your computer, remove the side panel and take a look at your motherboard. If you have a laptop, remove the plastic bezel and keyboard to access the motherboard. Smelling smoke or seeing charred circuitry are obvious signs of physical damage. It’s possible that these tiny components may have been damaged by applying mechanical stress to ports. It is important to make sure that these components have properly been installed such as the SATA cable. The improper insertion or removal of a SATA cable can leave visible signs of damage. It is important to check for this! The memory inside of your motherboard requires a constant stream of electricity to remember its settings. If these settings cause boot failure you need to interrupt the flow of electricity to clear its memory. If you are seeing signs of physical damage to the motherboard then you may want to consider contacting a computer repair shop for further assistance.

Diagnostic Beep Codes

If you hear a pattern of beeps or a siren followed by a system halt when you boot up your computer, a failing motherboard component could potentially be to blame. Although, you may hear the same pattern of beeps if a removable component has gone bad or if it has not been properly installed, such as a RAM module or a video card. You will want to remove any add-on cards and reseat RAM modules. If you have a secondary hard drive it is recommended that you unplug it. When all external extra devices, that are not used to boot your computer, are unplugged  you will want to boot up your computer. If your PC boots up normally, you know that one of the devices that you removed was the cause of the problem and that it is not issues with the motherboard. Diagnostic beep codes vary with different computer and motherboard manufacturers, so we recommend that you consult your motherboard manual or computer manufacturer’s website for a list of beep codes and what they indicate.

Miscellaneous Characters On The Screen

If you are seeing random characters on your display when you boot up your computer it may be an unfortunate sign that the motherboard is fried or at least the video chip is. These miscellaneous characters can be a sign of liquid damage to the motherboard. If you do suspect that your motherboard may have come into contact with some type of liquid it is important to remember to not plug your computer into any type of electrical outlet or attempt to boot your computer. If you are seeing these miscellaneous characters on your display, you will most likely have to replace the computer’s motherboard.

Contact a Computer Repair Shop

For any level of PC motherboard equipment damage, Will Power PCs offers a comprehensive list of computer repairs. Our PC equipment repair administrations accompany an underlying equipment diagnostics where we will pinpoint the reason for the PC equipment issues and offer an answer with a free quote. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free meeting. We work with all forms of equipment hardware repairs from custom restorative gear, to fundamental client portable PC motherboards. Call us today to schedule your free diagnostics appointment at (518) 892-4419.


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