How To Replace A Cracked Screen

cracked lcd screen on phoneDO YOU HAVE A CRACKED SCREEN on your iPhone or Tablet? Whether it accidentally slipped out of your hand or it fell off your desk at work, many of us at one point or another have experienced the annoyance of having a cracked screen. Having a cracked screen on your device can make it hard to use or even read what the device is portraying. What do you do now? If your warranty doesn’t cover screen replacements and you didn’t obtain the insurance on the device, luckily there are a few options. Just because you have a cracked screen doesn’t mean that you will need to replace the entire device. Below is a simple DIY guide that will help walk you through repairing your device’s cracked screen.    

Whether it’s a cracked LCD screen or a shattered screen on your favorite Smartphone device, it is worth the shot at attempting to repair it on your own before you have to dish out any money for the repair or replacement. In this day and age, you can fix just about anything if you are provided with the right instructions. Follow these simple instructions for your DIY repair:

Scratched or Cracked Screen?

Repairing your device will rely heavily on how much damage has been inflicted on your device. If your device’s screen is simply suffering from a few scratches, you are in luck! Scratches are a fairly easy fix which won’t break your wallet. Toothpaste, vegetable oil and baking soda are three home remedies that can be used to take your screen’s scratches away.

Toothpaste– Using a Q-Tip, rub your scratched screen in semicircles with toothpaste until you see your scratches disappear.  

Vegetable Oil– Apply some vegetable oil to a soft cloth and simply rub away your scratches. (Note: If you have one of the latest versions of your device such as an iPhone 6, you may want to avoid using any type of product on your device since these later versions are being made with an oleophobic coat which could ultimately wipe away and create more of a mess.)

Baking Soda–  You can easily make a thick paste which will wipe away your scratches. Stirring two part baking soda to one part water, will create a thick paste. Apply to a soft cloth and wipe away your scratches in a circular pattern until they disappear.

Packaging Tape Repair Method for Cracked Screen

If you cannot fix your device’s cracked screen right away, you may want to try using packaging tape on your device. Assuming that only the glass is broken and the screen is still displaying images and responding to touch, you can do the following:

  1. Clean the screen as best as you can
  2. Place a wide piece of packaging tape over the screen
  3. Trim excess packaging tape around the screen

This should allow you to continue using your device until you are ready to repair/replace your device’s screen. The packaging tape will prevent the crack from growing and parts of the broken glass from falling off.

iFixIt DIY Walk through

If your device needs replacement parts, is a manual repair website which will walk you through the repair of your device. This website allows viewers to watch and view DIY tutorials on many different devices’ screens.  iFixIt also comes with complete guides on what you should purchase to repair your screen and where you can find them.

Mission Repair DIY

Some screens are so cracked that the scratches just cannot simply be buffed out. If your cracked screen is a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Gaming console then the Mission Repair website may be the way to go. This website sells repair parts and screens for many different devices. Many of these DIY repair websites offer kits that often come with all of the tools that you will need to repair your device’s screen.

Any device with a cracked or scratched screen can be a hassle. Not everyone has time to attempt to repair the device themselves. At Will Power PCS we offer screen repair/replacement and other repair services for all apple devices. We will be more than happy to replace your damaged screen in the time frame that works for you and at an affordable price that won’t break your wallet! Call Will Power PCs today to learn more at (518)892-4419.


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If you are having computer problems this is the place to go. Had repairs done quickly and at a reasonable price. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I picked up a couple good suggestions.
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I had an issue with a brand new computer. Will opened his shop on New Years Day just so I could drop it off! A few hours later I received a phone call, the problem was solved! I didn’t expect to hear back for a few days. Will is fast and efficient.
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Shayla Tucker
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William was really helpful towards solving the problems I had. I have a custom desktop and he was able to diagnose my problems and find a solution that didn't require any additional parts. It only took him about 20 minutes to solve the issue too! He was polite when I made silly IT mistakes and even helped me root cause with an additional issue for no extra charge. If I have more issues I will definitely return here.
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