iPad Pro 2: The Juicy Details

ipadMANY ARE PATIENTLY WAITING for Apple to release the new iPad Pro 2 this year. There has been much talk about all of the special features, price, release date and wireless charging around this new device which we know so little about. When Apple released its first iPad in 2010, it set a whole new trend for technical devices leaving its competitors to produce other leading devices. Will Power PCS wants to give you the latest scoop on the new anticipated iPad Pro 2.

iPad Pro Specifications Speculations


In order for Apple to launch an over-the-top device that will have its audience in awe, they will have to produce the new iPad Pro 2 with the latest hardware and some new special features.

According to Digitimes, Apples new device is said to range in screen sizes from 7.9-10.5 inches. Although, there is talk that Apple might settle with the generally popular screen size in the 10-inch range.

The new tablet is said to have an increase in thickness to 7.5mm, which is reportedly the same as the original iPad Air. The increase in thickness is due to a significant slim down to the bezel. Also, there is talk about a 12.9-inch model that we may see released as well by Apple. The iPad will gain about 0.33mm of thickness once again due to the slimmed down bezel.

Some reports speculate that Apple may remove the home button on the new iPad Pro 2 which may also be seen in the upcoming iPhone models as well.

The Pro models will most likely see faster processors which will make it easier and faster to run apps and use the internet on your new tablet. The 10.5 and 12.9-inch models are expected to be powered by an Apple-designed “A10X” system-on-chip processor. While the 9.7-inch iPad will carry over the A9X processor which we have seen in previous models.


When Apple introduced the new iPhone 7 Plus, they put much emphasis on the new dual-camera configuration which became very popular among consumers. It would only make sense for Apple to carry this new upgrade into the iPad Pro 2 as well.

Therefore, we would also expect to see other similar features like a 3-D Touch display and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

According to Digitime,  Apple will release a new A10X chip that will build on the A10 processor which is already being used in the iPhone 7. It is special in that it is Apple’s first chip to combine high-power and low-power cores, which can be activated depending on the difficulty of the task that you are working on.. If it’s an easy task, the low-power cores will handle the hard work, saving battery life as a result.

Another potential upgrade would be a transfer to OLED displays. Currently, Apple uses its regular LCD panels with an LED backlight. OLED displays eliminate the need for a backlight which ultimately reduces power consumption.

There’s also talk of Apple doing away with the home button which would be a dramatic change in display for the new device and that there may be no port for your headphones.

Wireless Charging

It is not a definitive that the new iPad Pro 2 will come with wireless charging but, in February 2017, Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium which suggests that Apple will begin wireless charging in their upcoming devices. Whether or not the iPad Pro 2 will come equipped with wireless charging or not, is still tough to say. Although, it wouldn’t come as a shock if the iPad Pro 2 is released with wireless charging.


Rumor has it that if the iPad Pro 2 is launched early in the year then it will most likely run the iOS 10 – and that’s not a bad thing. Apple released iOS 10 in September of 2016, displaying the software on its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. New features included changes to the lock screen, 3D Touch, and the addition of ‘widget’ support. Apple also added a redesigned interface to Maps, new emoticons for Messages, and a new search system called ‘Memories’ for Photos.

It has been said that if Apple releases the product later in the year, the product will most likely run the new iOS 11 software.

Expected Cost

As of now, there is no new leaked news on what price Apple might charge for the new iPad Pro 2. Compared to the original iPad Pro, which starts at $599 for the 9.7-inch model and $799 for the 12.9-inch model, the new iPad Pro 2 looks to be just as pricey, if not more.

Release Date  

Since there is no scheduled release date for the new iPad Pro 2, we can only speculate as to when the device will be released. Rumor has it that an early March 2017 launch could be expected, although, there has been talk that TSMC, who produces the chips for the device, has been experiencing lower than expected yields which ultimately could  push the release date back to possibly the summer of 2017.

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