Benefits of An Annual Business Contract For Your IT Services

contract with penDoes your business count on computers to keep your company up and running? Are you frequently making calls to your IT department?? Many companies in today’s world depend on computers for just about everything from a means of communication to storing and recording important data. Although we depend on computers, we cannot always depend on them to function correctly. Technology, no matter what the device may be, is always subject to malfunctioning at any given time. That is why Will Power PCS wants to give you the proper information on the benefits of obtaining an annual contract for your business IT services.

Making sure that your company’s systems remain up and running is fundamental to your daily procedures at the job. Any small glitch in the system or a major crash of any of kind is a cause for concern. Instead of being left in the dark when your computer networks aren’t working when you require them the most, consider consenting to an annual business contract with an IT specialist co-op. This means that the firm of your choice agrees to take care of your computer repair services for the full year in exchange for a specific contract amount. You’ll have the advantage of a normal support plan, and also access to 24/7 crisis repairs. Here are only a couple of the many reasons why having an annual contract for your IT services can improve your company’s success.


The cost of obtaining an annual business contract can be one of the major reasons why companies hold off. It is hard to pay for something that may be running fine at the moment. As the old saying goes, “don’t fix what’s not broken”.  Having the contracted IT support can save you money in the long run. It will definitely save you on the individual calls that you will make throughout the year each time your computer system experiences an issue. Cost effectiveness is one key factor that weighs heavily on business owners and is why these contracts are so important. It reduces, stress, time and money for business owners knowing that their company will be taken care of in the event of system malfunctions.


Most IT support firms offer around the clock technical support. In the event that a technical emergency arises it brings many business owners great relief to know exactly who to contact. This saves them valuable time in having to search for a new service provider. Time is extremely imperative and each minute counts. Knowing who to contact during that critical moment can ultimately save your company’s data that may be in jeopardy.


Having an annual contract with your IT service provider can greatly improve your hardware’s quality of life. Your hardware will go through routine scheduled maintenance checks which will give your service provider the chance to catch any arising issue that may have gone unnoticed. Your hardware will also be equipped with the latest updates and most recent quality checks. Computer and server systems can be compared to a vehicle, if you do not change the oil or put air in its tires, the vehicle will not run as well as it ultimately could and therefore not last as long. This is the same with network systems. Routine maintenance is key to a long-lasting system. Routine maintenance will ensure that your system will always be running top notch which will allow you to do your job, hassle free.


It is important for business owners to know who is looking after their company’s lifeline. Rest assured your service provider will be conducting quality maintenance checks, making sure that your system is protected from viruses, spywares and malware, that they are retrieving any lost data in a timely manner, that the latest upgrades and services to your system are being installed, and so on. Having a strong working relationship with your service provider will allow their support team to get to know and learn your system so that when routine checks or an emergency arises, the team will know what has to be done right away.

These are only a few benefits of having an annual contract for your IT services. It is important for business owners to take a second look at considering an annual contract. Looking from all angles, businesses that rely heavily on computer systems would benefit strongly from having year round IT back up support on their side.

If you are looking for a trusted, reliable service provider, Will Power PCS, has you covered. We offer a wide range of service packages and our IT consulting technicians have demonstrated a reputation of continuous progress. Call Us Today at (518) 892-4419! 


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22:20 11 Jan 18
If you are having computer problems this is the place to go. Had repairs done quickly and at a reasonable price. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I picked up a couple good suggestions.
17:22 03 Jan 18
I had an issue with a brand new computer. Will opened his shop on New Years Day just so I could drop it off! A few hours later I received a phone call, the problem was solved! I didn’t expect to hear back for a few days. Will is fast and efficient.
Shayla Tucker
Shayla Tucker
21:02 02 Jan 18
Excellent customer service! Quickly ordered in the screen I needed to repair my laptop, and had my laptop repaired and returned back to me within an hour of my dropping it off. Thanks so very much!
stephanie roy
stephanie roy
13:44 30 Dec 17
Will most certainly will be my computer specialist from now on. He does fast and very efficient work. My computer is now running like new. His prices are also very reasonable. I have another computer I will be him fix. Needless to say I am a very happy customer.
Dale Hanson
Dale Hanson
22:01 12 Dec 17
William was really helpful towards solving the problems I had. I have a custom desktop and he was able to diagnose my problems and find a solution that didn't require any additional parts. It only took him about 20 minutes to solve the issue too! He was polite when I made silly IT mistakes and even helped me root cause with an additional issue for no extra charge. If I have more issues I will definitely return here.
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